Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BRRR "Tone Poems" cd-r (self released/2004)

Tone Poems is the second release from Brrr, and it most likely my favorite release from them, though the reality is that I love every single song that this band wrote and recorded. It is a release that have played with a great deal of regularity since it came into my possession several years ago. Thank you Herbie for not only writing great music but also for sending it my way! I definitely recall listening to Tone Poems intensely for a period of time when I first got it. It was the perfect soundtrack on a lonely morning in a cold office wanting to just sleep or stare out the window or whatever. The six songs on Tone Poems found themselves on constant repeat as the elicited a calm in my being that I have seldom been able to cull from any other music before. It was a feeling a liked.

For those of you who missed my previous posting about Brrr's first cd-r Summer Songs (Part One) and are unfamiliar with Brrr they were a indie pop project masterminded by Herbie Schellenberger of Brown Recluse and Pet Milk fame. The music was somber and subtle but most certainly pop, but pop that tugged at your heart as opposed to tapping your toes. So if you like stuff like Jens Lekman (whom they cover on this release), Thanksgiving, Mt Eerie, etc than you may want to check this out. Tone Poems is a collection of six beautiful yet fragile bordering on ambient (as mood not sound) crooners. The instrumentation is varied but the key is that everything is subtle. In fact very few records I have listened to over the years has been to capture subtly as well as Brrr does on Tone Poems. I feel joy when I hear these songs but at times particularly with "Remember Me" and "The Waves" I am nearly brought to tears. But good tears as in that perhaps I'd put these songs on when I'd be down and just the mood and melodies bring a calmness to me that I am able to see the beauty in all that is around me a little more clearly. I know it may sound corny but it is totally true. Funny thing about "The Waves" is that I originally preferred the original recording (which I wish I had a mp3 of) but I grew so accustomed to this version that I can't imagine the song any other way at this point. Anyhow, enough jibber jabber just download Tone Poems as I am 100% positive you will love it as much as I do.

Brrr Tone Poems track listing

1. 21 December
2. The Waves
3. Something About Birds
4. If  You Were the Topic on Jeopardy
5. Remember Me
6. Crickets, Just Visiting

Download Here

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